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Brand asset management

Protect your brand identity and deliver it with consistency using the Widen Collective®.

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One brand, one workflow, unlimited insights

Gather your approved brand assets in one place and control who can access what

正规体育投注Speed up creative work and enforce brand guidelines with an integrated workflow

Monitor your brand and evolve your strategy with Widen’s content analytics

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Your content hub

Put all your brand content — like tradeshow materials, sales presentations, collateral, print media, images, videos, and more — in one place.

Find the right brand assets

Widen’s intuitive search tools spare you from filling asset requests all day. Users can search, group, share, and download assets in any format with on-the-fly conversions.

Digital Brand Management
Find Brand Assets with Marketing Asset Management

Control who sees what

Your creative team needs access to multiple layouts and legacy content, but your sales team doesn’t. Assign roles and permissions to control your brand.

Hit deadlines

Widen Workflow speeds up content review, approval, and collaboration so you can do more creating and less emailing.

Control Who Sees What with Brand Management
Meet Deadlines with Brand Management and DAM Software

Get partners on brand

正规体育投注Curate brand-approved assets and brand guidelines for sales teams, dealers, partners, and agencies using Portals. Then, localize portals for your worldwide marketing efforts.

Measure brand performance

正规体育投注Deep content analytics reveal how your content performs anywhere you publish it. See who’s using your content when, where, and how.

Get Partners On Brand with Enterprise DAM
Measure Performance with Brand Management Software

Snapshot of what you get:

  • Quick search, predictive search, faceted search
  • Automatic file conversions
  • Share links and embed codes
  • Brand Portals
  • Customizable metadata, categories, collections
  • Image recognition and auto tagging
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Version control and auditing
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • Online proofing and approval
  • Web CMS integrations
  • Template customization/localization
  • Do-it-yourself automation for custom notifications
  • Rights management and expiration
  • Brand asset monitoring and analytics
  • System reporting and dashboards
  • Branded URL, login page, dashboards
  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS
  • Enterprise governance and security
  • Granular roles and permissions

It takes a team to safeguard and elevate a brand



As the brand’s champion, you help salespeople, dealers, and other partners get to market faster and make a powerful impression. The Collective provides on-demand access to the content they need while you focus on campaigns and strategy.

Be more productive by empowering your coworkers to find the assets they need in the Widen Collective® 正规体育投注easy-to-use interface.

正规体育投注Create once, publish everywhere (COPE) using our embed codes that dynamically resize images.

Identify your most popular and engaging content so you know what to update, what to retire, what to create next, and how to sell your strategic vision.


Creating the best content for your brand means collaborating throughout the development and review process. Use the Collective to drive an inclusive, fast approval process and make final assets available to everyone who needs them, on demand.

正规体育投注Protect your time and focus by centralizing creative files in one place and accessing them directly from Adobe Creative Cloud or your content management system (CMS) platform via integrations.

Create a more transparent review process with Widen Workflow, which keeps an audit trail of comments in a central feed. Eliminate unnecessary rework and reduce rounds of revisions.

Track content analytics to monitor brand security, see who uses what, and evaluate which content should be repurposed, updated, or retired.


Your marketing organization strives to maximize the value of content and prove that it has an ROI. Measure your strategy and make the sales team a true ally by managing your brand in the Collective.

Ensure salespeople access the most up-to-date content, customize collateral on their own, and drive sales with more efficiency.

Secure brand equity during the change management of a rebrand, merger, or acquisition.

正规体育投注Track usage rights so your teams and partners don’t use or share expired images. Widen helps protect your brand against lawsuits and legal fees.

Gain visibility into what everyone is creating, where projects stand, and how assets perform to allocate workload and budget more accurately.

Brand Management Software for Marketers
Enterprise Digital Asset Management for Creators
Brand Asset Management System for Executives

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